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 4-in-1 Cardigan for Mom

Comfy, HELPFUL, & stylish

Wear with or without baby

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This is not a baby carrier. This is a life-changing cardigan designed just as much for the baby as it is for mom. Check out all the ways The Mommy Wrap® can make your life easier...

Pediatrician Recommended

+ Originally designed for acid reflux and colic

Designed by a Mom

+ Deep pockets for bottles, phones, monitors, and more

+ Built-in pacifier clip - no more lost paci! 

Works with your Body

+ Works with your changing postpartum body

+ Convenient nursing cover while on the go

+ Look chic, even when just covering your nursing tank tops


+ Soft fabric provides extra comfort and warmth for your baby

+ Perfect for the NICU 


The Perfect Gift for Yourself or a Loved One


Our Happy Clients

“I had my baby a week ago and already ordered a second one of these! I have worn the one I have every day and find that I am lost when I don’t have it on. It’s amazing how just a few pockets and loops can make mom life so much easier! I love that it’s stylish enough that you can wear it out, and comfortable enough that it feels like you’re wearing a light hoodie. I highly recommend the Mommy Wrap to anyone that can use an extra hand throughout the day. You don’t need to be a mom to wear this!” 


"I LOVE The Mommy Wraps. Just ordered my third design today!  I've been wearing them for 4 years now and will continue to forever.  I've been able to have support through two newborns, while taking care of my other children at the same time. Not sure what I would do without it."

- Leah

The Mommy Wrap has truly been a Godsend. It has helped me in so many ways. Being a mom of a newborn cannot be done without this sweater! Okay.... it can, but I will tell you first that this cardigan is SO helpful. If you are considering buying one as a gift, DEFINITELY do so. You would be giving the best gift ever and I am so thankful my own mother bought me one! I now buy this for everyone I know."

- Sara 

3 easy steps

How The Mommy Wrap Works

Please note, this is not 100% hands-free wrap. The Mommy Wrap helps support your baby, while giving you a free hand for other needs.

Effortless DESIGN


You don’t need one more thing to learn how to do when coming home with a newborn! Most baby carriers on the market are great for 100% hands-free mobility, but you might have noticed how uncomfortable and complicated they are to put on.

We get it, which is why we created The Mommy Wrap to be a breeze to put on. Whether you want to stay in your comfy jammies all-day or having to run to store with all the kids in tow, you'll be ready in no time - even if you are half asleep!


10% of profits go to those in need

Designed for Moms by a Mom


Created by a busy MOTHER of three

Hi, I'm so excited to be apart of your motherhood journey! My name is Kim Taylor and I am a survivor of three colic babies. All of which also had GERD, otherwise known as acid reflux. To be honest, I could barely keep my life on-track during the newborn stage. Running after my older ones, while also taking care of my newborn was quickly wearing me down. I couldn't keep up!  Which is why I created The Mommy Wrap.

What started out as a simple cardigan that I would use to throw on over my breastfeeding tank tops, slowly started becoming a fashion statement with multi-functional practicality!  The Mommy Wrap was carefully crafted to help moms, like yourself, conveniently manage taking care of your family, soothe your baby, and just simply make your life a little easier.

- Kim Taylor, founder



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