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Let's Talk About Acid Reflux and Colic

Hi. My name is Kim Taylor.  I am a survivor of three colic babies, all of which also had GERD, otherwise known as acid reflux. I had a tough time managing my household in an efficient manner to keep up with the daily [ahem, hourly] demands of my family.  I wanted to be able to nurture them and take care of my husband's needs, household chores, outside errands, and eventually go back to work full time outside of the home.  That's why I created The Mommy Wrap®.

What started out as a simple cardigan that I would use to throw on over my breastfeeding tank tops, slowly started making its fashion statement and practicality use as it helped me to conveniently manage taking care of my family and household, soothing my baby and just simply making life easier. I was able to wear the Mommy Wrap during maternity, in the hospital directly after birth, postpartum to help hide my belly, and I still wear it today as an everyday cardigan or housecoat, if you will. 

Mommy Wrap Family

Have you ever struggled with a fussy baby?

I hear you. Let me help support you! 

Find out more about my journey through colic and acid reflux here or join our community: Wrapped in Mom Life.  This is a private support group for moms, where we can vent, learn, and lean on each other through the intricacies of being a mom, wife, partner, sister, friend, neighbor.  We all need a tribe, a community.  Let us be there for you.


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