brutally honest

Mommy Wrap creator

I am writing this to communicate with you.  I want to be honest with my supporters, followers, clients and I want them to know that I am in the middle of REAL LIFE here.  Hope you can be empathetic and know how much I appreciate your patience and support! And if you can relate to my photo at all, then I send you my love, as well.

I’m going to be brutally honest here.  Starting a business and manufacturing a new product has been harder than I thought!  Starting this business from scratch, applying for trademarks and patents, finding all the sourcing components that go into the invention, finding the right fabric (this is the toughest one!), finding the right manufacturer, relying and trusting new vendors, making decisions, juggling working full time, raising a toddler and four-year-old, delivering a baby and then adding her to the mix, all whilst battling the whole reason I designed the Mommy Wrap in the first place, which is to make life easier as a mom with a high maintenance, GERD, acid reflux or colic baby. Yes… I’m tired! And yes, it has been hard! Every time I get excited for a production run to go as planned, there is some new hiccup in the mix. The part that bothers me the most is my promise to my first 100 moms and bloggers that have signed up to receive the Mommy Wrap. I mean, your babies are probably grown by now!  But I continue to remind myself and I want to point out why I continue with this dream.  In the past year and a half when I didn’t have a newborn, I found millions of other reasons the Mommy Wrap is a must have for all moms. It simply makes life easier, and I still know in my heart you will love it. (And guess what, it makes life easier for those without kids too!  Think about what you can use those pockets for).

So, here is an update on production.  First USA manufacturer couldn’t produce the Mommy Wraps to my standard of quality and couldn’t obtain the fabric I needed to produce a good hold or support for the baby.  Second USA manufacturer is still in the mix, however, they are still building their own business from the ground up and are not quite set up yet to produce my product.  So, now we are on to our third USA manufacturer. I hope to God that they can produce something by September, especially when I have to go back to work full time.  (Not that I am getting a lot of time to work on this thing over maternity leave, but it’s better than no time at all!).

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