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10 Must-Have Tips for Moms When Traveling

Holiday Travel Tips for Moms

Holiday travel can come with a lot of stress and anxiety which can sometimes take away from the excitement and enjoyment of the holidays.  Luckily, traveling with kids does not have to be a horrible experience.  The Mommy Wrap and Sharon Somekh, M.D. cover 10 Tips for Traveling During the Holidays, to help prepare you and your family for a memorable and easy holiday season. Get your downloadable Holiday Travel Tips Guide Have realistic expectations If you going into the holiday and travel expecting that everything is going to be perfect, you are more likely to be disappointed which will lead …

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8 Foolproof Breastfeeding Tips for Nursing Moms

Fool Proof Breastfeeding Tips

Motherhood is a wild and crazy journey and with each baby, we bring more love into this world.  We are thrown into motherhood blind though, as we do NOT receive a manual to bring home with the baby.  A commonly sought out journey in motherhood is breastfeeding.  It is a magical and empowering journey for some and for others it is full of trials and tribulations. In the end, though, it is so rewarding knowing that you are providing nourishment for your baby and get to experience a moment unique to only moms! The Mommy Wrap’s goal is to help …

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Breastfeeding & Sleep: Yes, You Can Have Both!

Breastfeeding and Sleep

Many expectant moms fear that if they choose to breastfeed their baby, then that means they won’t see a decent night’s sleep for a few years. This is simply not true! Yes, it’s true that babies enjoy eating and sleeping, and that they often go hand-in-hand: baby nurses, then baby sleeps. Feeding your baby is relaxing, and it definitely makes them sleepy, especially at night. Breast milk contains melatonin at night, so your body is actually helping to make your newborn sleepy during the night, so everyone can get back to sleep quickly! Almost all babies will fall asleep during …

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The Baby Registry Guide

Baby Registry

The Baby Registry Guide Congratulations Momma!  You are expecting a new bundle of joy and now are faced with creating a registry.  When you go into this, it seems exciting but quickly turns to overwhelm. If you are creating a registry in-store, you will come across the Want.  We will address this in a moment. When you are creating online, you will come across the Recommendations. Here, we are going to go over the best places to register and what you really need.  By doing this, it is going to prevent overwhelm and help you to not be inundated with …

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The Truth About Age Regressions

Sleep Regression

The Truth About Age “Regressions”: Guest Post As a mom of 4 and a pediatric sleep consultant, I have heard parents complain about “regressions” with practically every month of their child’s first few years (ie 4mo, 6mo, 9mo, 18mo regression, etc). Many parents believe that because their child’s sleep seems to change every couple of months that it must be due to a sleep regression of some sort, as they are often not clear as to why the change is occurring. defines regression as the reversion to a chronologically earlier or less adapted pattern of behavior and feeling. Personally, I …

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The Moms Guide to Babywearing

Moms Guid to Baby Wearing

Babywearing 101 Babywearing may seem strange to some people. A Mei WHAT? A soft structured carrier? A size 7 wrap versus a size 2 wrap? What does all that mean? When my first child was born I had a Moby stretchy wrap. I didn’t really like how hot it was, but there was something about being able to clean a bottle and get it ready while holding my screaming not-quite-as-much baby that left me amazed and wanting to dig in more. Within the next year I fell into the rabbit hole of trying ALL the sizes and ALL the carries. …

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The Magic of Skin to Skin

Skin to Skin

The Magic of Skin to Skin You have just given birth to your amazing bundle of joy and the doctor places the baby on your chest. Did you know how important this moment is? How important it is to have this brand new, minute’s old baby laying directly on your bare skin? Probably not right? Skin to skin contact is crucial and so valuable in those first few minutes of life (and so far beyond). Skin to Skin Benefits Immune Boost When your baby is laying on you, their skin on your skin, your baby and you are benefitting exponentially from …

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Breastfeeding Your Newborn: The First Weeks


Breastfeeding is a beautiful journey for mothers and it is unique for each mom (and different for every child). It is one of my favorite parts of motherhood so far. I know, for some, that is not how the story goes. It is important going into breastfeeding that you are educated. This is not something you should jump in blind to. I am sure there are many moms who do, but to help you get through your journey with minimal bumps, it is important to know what to expect and how to handle the unexpected. It Isn’t Always Natural One …

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How to use the mommy wrap

Soothe baby with mommy Wrap

There are several elastic connectors on each inside flap to adjust with your changing postpartum body. Simply choose which one at the moment works for you. 1. connect that elastic strap on one of the 2 inside buttons on the opposite side 2.) take the other side, and connect it to the outside button on the opposite side that you did the inside strap.  Questions? Don’t hesitate to email •