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New Mom Perfect Routine

Routines in motherhood can seem like a far fetched idea.  Especially when we are up to our ears in to-dos, we are working on showing up for all of the roles that we play, and we barely get the chance to go to the bathroom in peace.  This is exactly WHY we need a mom routine though!

Creating Routine, Removing Overwhelm

Are you drowning in laundry, dishes, daily to do’s, soccer practice and games, and your J.O. B.?   You’re not sure where you should be but you know you have an appointment. If this is you, you need a routine but it needs to be tailored to you!  I’ve found a lot of organizational systems on the internet full of information about mom routines but none fit me specifically. In an effort to help you reach your mom goals,

I suggest using the steps provided to develop a system that works with you.  Develop your mom routine to be encouraging and usable while implementing steps that help you to be productive but also feel like you are making progress on your immediate, short, and long term goals.  Once you implement these steps life does become simpler, although I do have a few tips at the end of each step to make the steps even easier!

Own Your Truth

The hardest part of setting up a routine is knowing yourself.  If your new routine is going to get you out of bed at 5 am to make a four-course meal for your family but you hate to cook and you’re not a morning person:  this is likely not a routine for you. Your mom routine should be somewhat habitual and new habits take 21 days to create. A new routine will become a habit more easily with quick wins on immediate goals.  Routines that create difficult follow through causing deflation of stamina and slow progress are not easily habitual. Tip: A clean and organized space helps you maintain focus and efficiency. Bigger Mess=Bigger Stress

Mom Goals

Once you own the truth about you, you can then decide on your mom goals.  Goals are easier to plan for working backward. Determine your major long term goal then break it down into smaller short term goals.  Next, are the immediate goals. As you plan these out you will discover that you worked most of these in consecutive order but you may need to reorganize a few.  After you have your goals planned to work toward with your routine you can now finish planning your routine. Tip: Brainstorm quick lists dividing tasks between work and life.

Ideal Day

In order to complete step three, you must ask yourself, “What is my ideal day?”  Do you need to go to the gym or spa daily? Or do you need to schedule yourself time to think?  Step three is less complicated with a daily/weekly to-do sheet or a planner with daily/weekly views.  Write down everything you need to accomplish in a day. Include specifics like doctor appointments with dates and times.  This is important for transferring later. Tip: Include quick tasks on your to-do list to make you feel a sense of accomplishment.

Planner/Home Organizer

Your “To Do List” will now become your “Will Be Done List!”  Transfer everything from previous steps to your planner or home organizer.  This step will make your life run more smoothly and help you to know what has to be done and where you need to be and when!  Tip: Two-minute rule; if something will take 2 minutes or less just do it. These tasks Do Not need access to your to-do list! 

Create Your Routine with The Mommy Wrap

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