How the mommy wrap works

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3 Easy Steps

1. Take the elastic on one side of The Mommy Wrap® and connect it to the inside button on the opposite side.
2. Choose an elastic connector from the other side and connect it to the outside button on the opposite side.
(psst...there are different choices of elastic and buttons on each side to accommodate changing postpartum bellies and growing babies.)
3. Tuck the excess fabric under the baby's bum as high as you can.

Step 1

Connect the inside.

step 2

How the mommy wrap works step 2
Connect the outside

step 3

How the Mommy Wrap works

Please note, The Mommy Wrap® is not a baby carrier nor is it 100% hands free, but it still helps free up a hand for mom.   Always keep a resting hand under the baby's bum for extra support.  The Mommy Wrap® is a cardigan that helps hold baby & helps mom take care of the rest of the household.  Make sure you are always cautious and ensure your baby is held firmly.  The Mommy Wrap® is not a 100% hands-free device.  It is to be used as a simple cardigan that Mom can wear with or without baby that adds support when holding or soothing baby, convenient pockets, and functional pacifier connectors.  All to help make mom life easier. A mom should always take extra care holding her baby to ensure baby is safe.

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