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5 Simply Ways to Organize as a Busy Mom

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The Mommy Wrap the best baby carrier

Organization is a key component to having less stress and more time to be a present mother.  Organization will also allow for you to not be constantly cleaning, rushing around, and spending your time and energy on areas of life that are not as important to you.  It can be hard to find organization as a busy mom! Do you feel the overwhelm of trying to keep it all together?  …

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how to help colic

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colic and acid reflux baby

Colic Days.  Awwwww….Those first three months after baby is born, you know, the fourth trimester. Those are the months that survivors of colic think back to as some of the hardest, most trying times. And I should know! I am one.  I am a survivor of three colic babies and all of which also suffered from GERD, otherwise known as the painful notion of acid reflux. Here are the top 10 …

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brutally honest

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Mommy Wrap creator

I am writing this to communicate with you.  I want to be honest with my supporters, followers, clients and I want them to know that I am in the middle of REAL LIFE here.  Hope you can be empathetic and know how much I appreciate your patience and support! And if you can relate to my photo at all, then I send you my love, as well. I’m going to …

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How to use the mommy wrap

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Soothe baby with mommy Wrap

There are several elastic connectors on each inside flap to adjust with your changing postpartum body. Simply choose which one at the moment works for you. 1. connect that elastic strap on one of the 2 inside buttons on the opposite side 2.) take the other side, and connect it to the outside button on the opposite side that you did the inside strap.  Questions? Don’t hesitate to email …

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Top 10 Things I learned about starting a business

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Mommy Wrap business

Well, its been one year since my business partner, my mother, and I started the idea of the Mommy Wrap (TM) and began this adventure with one another.  In the past 12 months, we have accomplished and learned a lot, including establishing our LLC, finding a U.S. manufacturer and trademarking our brand.   I am eager to continue to learn more and to promote our brand in 2017. Here are …

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The Journey

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Mommy Wrap Journey

My husband and I thought we were done having babies, but found out that there was apparently another plan for us. We are excited for this journey using The Mommy Wrap right alongside the entire time… since the beginning. Very unexpected, but we are happy!  We are currently pregnant with our third child.  So, how is it that I am currently raising a three-year-old, 18-month old, pregnant, working full time …

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The Beginning

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Beginning of the MommY Wrap

I am Kim Taylor and today marks the beginning of The Mommy Wrap. Today, I am 32 years old…. I think. Yep, just did the math, 32. I probably should have started this blog 1115 days ago when my first daughter was born, but finally a little over 3 years and here I am. I have survived 2 colic babies and never realized how many people out there were going …

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