mommy wrap gives back

10% of profits go to those in need

for mothers and babies in need

The Mommy Wrap LLC chooses one 5013c non-for-profit organization to donate 10% of its total profits each year.  Organizations chosen are aimed at helping mothers or babies in need.  Donations are given in a lump sum check at the end of each fiscal year.  To be considered as part of this program, or to work more closely, please email

Sponsorships or merchandise donations

The Mommy Wrap LLC supports local communities and other brand's with a similar mission: To help make mom life easier.  The Mommy Wrap is available for sponsorships and/or donating merchandise.  Please email for more information.

empowering international
women in need

Creating jobs and skilled trade

At our factory in India we employ women from socio-economically deprived backgrounds who lovingly finish and do all the hand-crafting work on the garments being produced in the factory. We provide them opportunities to upgrade their skills, training them to move to higher skilled roles within the factory.  Our goal as women entrepreneurs is to empower vulnerable women with sustainable employment so that they can be economically independent.

Are you a non-profit and want to partner with the mommy wrap?

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