Mommy Wrap REWARDS

An easy way to gain discounts and free products

How it works

for every $1 spent, earn 10 points

So many ways to earn points!

Do each one of the following and earn 2000 points.  That's an easy $20 off your next purchase!

Refer a friend

earn 100 points

friend purchase

earn 500 points

Social share & tag

earn 500 points

Create an Account

earn 100 points

write a review

earn 300 points

Buy as a gift

earn 500 points

Create an account & get started

Start the loyalty program today!

The Mommy Wrap LLC has the right to make changes to the current point and rewards system at any time.
The current values may be adjusted after a limited time.

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  • 5559 NW Barry Road
    Suite 198
    Kansas City, MO 64154

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