The Beginning

Beginning of the MommY Wrap

I am Kim Taylor and today marks the beginning of The Mommy Wrap. Today, I am 32 years old…. I think. Yep, just did the math, 32. I probably should have started this blog 1115 days ago when my first daughter was born, but finally a little over 3 years and here I am.

I have survived 2 colic babies and never realized how many people out there were going through the same thing.  In my sleep deprivation days, I would think of so many things that could help others and, of course, forget about my amazing idea the next day.

 Well, not this idea.

There were so many nights, colic or not colic, that I was one-handed.  One-handed holding my baby in my arms, cold, then hot, needing a baby blanket, then as I am bouncing her and walking around the room, thinking these things: “I wish I had a pocket to place my cell phone and white noise near her ear.” and “Darnit, I just dropped the pacifier! Do I really have to bend over one more time?” or how about when they are older…”Ugh, I wish she would stop dropping the teether!”

And that marked the Beginning of The Mommy Wrap

So, I thought up the most amazing cardigan there is… a cardigan I’m already wearing over my nursing tank tops, that also has pockets in the right spots, handy holders, a look that can go with or without baby, and easy access to the boobs for those nursing mothers. That’s not all of it, and especially for those with colic or high maintenance babies, I needed a cardigan that would fasten my baby up against my body to help hold and soothe her during hours of colic or after each feeding.

So, here it goes.  

This is the beginning of a new journey for me. One that includes research, manufacturing, entrepreneurship (or Mompreneurship), networking, soliciting, and the list goes on. Trying to accomplish this while raising a family and working full time outside of the home will definitely be a challenge, but I hope someday to help other moms that can relate with the same struggles that occurred with me day in and day out.

That’s why I also created the community and support: Wrapped in Mom Life. During all of this, I cannot lose sight as to why I am doing this… to be a better mom, a better wife, a better organizer, a better person, a better friend. To help other moms! I also found this very helpful guide on colic and I encourage any mom considering that her baby may be colic to read this.

Thanks, Moms, for all your support!

Beginning of Mommy Wrap
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