The Best Gifts for Breastfeeding Moms

Best gift for breastfeeding moms

 Let’s be real.  When it comes to shopping for gifts, it can be downright hard to find a present that the recipient is going to love and is going to use!  There can definitely be a little stress when you are wanting to go above and beyond and show someone how much you care through your gift. On the other side of that, when we are the recipient, it can be difficult to think about what we want to receive.  One of the biggest hardships is that when people ask you what you want and you can only think of things that are practical and could fall under a need. As a new mom, you would rather people buy for your baby or for my husband! That is why we are here to help both the gift giver and the gift recipient find great ideas for the perfect gift for breastfeeding moms!

Breastfeeding is an incredible journey for moms.  For some moms, it is the most euphoric and empowering experience in motherhood and for others, it is a struggle they are willing to go through to make sure that their baby is nourished and fed from the body.  These are items that made my breastfeeding journey so much easier.

The Mommy Wrap

Best gift for breastfeeding moms

The Mommy Wrap is Mom Made, Baby Approved.  It allows for you to have a free hand while wearing your baby upright and close to your heart.  There are also tons of pockets, allowing for you to have everything you need on hand.  The Mommy Wrap also allows for skin to skin contact and serves as a wonderful nursing cover too!

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Nursing Tops

We cannot express how important these are!  They make you comfortable, they give you ease to breastfeed when out and about and also while just sitting on the couch.  They are also stylish and that makes a huge impact on how you feel overall (no one feels too great about themselves when they don’t feel like they look good).  Having multiple styles of nursing tops allows having multiple outfits too! Tanks go well during the warmer weather and can even go under a cardigan. Nursing T’s are a nice all year round.  The hardest thing to find locally for me was long sleeved nursing tops and nursing hoodies. They are the most amazing items to have on hand during cool/cold weather.

Nursing Dresses

One of the most difficult parts of breastfeeding was finding clothes that were breastfeeding friendly. At least with shirts, there are a couple different methods to nursing but with dresses, you either need a loose neckline or have it built for nursing.  Dresses are also usually at a higher price point than tops. It is great to have a couple in the wardrobe though for special events or just overall comfy clothes!

Nursing pillow

The magic of a nursing pillow. It is a multi-use item that grows with Mom and Baby. It even is super functional for other family members – assisting with holding and feeding the baby! There are many types out there but I recommend the Boppy!  You can use it for assistance with breastfeeding, to help you hold the baby through long nights, it can help family support and hold the baby, and as your baby gets older, it helps with tummy time, exploring, and eventually a nice cusions for sitting up in!

Nipple Butter

This is a must have and is one of our favorite gifts out there! We have heard people steering away from this to give but in reality, you’ll have a grateful and thankful mom on the receiving end. It helps with sore, cracked nipples from nursing and pumping.

Nursing Pads

You can never have enough Nursing Pads! So moms will need a good stash, especially in the early days. Disposable ones are simply okay in our opinion but work wonders when you need to go braless. The reusable are the go-to choice for us. They help save clothes from leaks, they are easy to wash, and they hold up so well! You can even wash them in the washing machine.

Nursing Cover

A nursing cover is essential for breastfeeding moms.  It allows for ease while breastfeeding on the go and it also allows for modesty and privacy.  When picking out a nursing cover, you want to make sure that it is flexible, lightweight, and breathable.  This provides the best comfort for both mom and baby.  The Mommy Wrap has the ultimate Newborn Bundle which comes with the best nursing cover out there.  They are fashionable, lightweight, breathable, and flexible and also serve as a carseat cover!

nursing cover the mommy wrap newborn bundle

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Haakaa Pump

Breastfeeding moms love the Haakaa. Why? It is a pump that uses suction and Gravity. It is gentle, noninvasive. It catches the letdown from the unoccupied breast, so no liquid gold is wasted. For those (like me) who don’t respond to the other pumps or need just a small stash, this is great. You can also be a full time pumping mom with one of these. You can also gift breastmilk collection bags with these, so mom can freeze her milk.

Lactation Tea

Not only is tea a nice relaxing gift for mom but it can help boost and regulate her supply! My favorite Lactation Teas are Traditional Medicinal Mother’s Milk and Earth Mama Organics Milkmaid Tea. It is a relief to have when your supply would dip or if your baby is cluster feeding or nursing more for a growth spurt. You can drink a cup or two and your supply would be plentiful to keep up with her demand. You can compliment the tea with a nice mug or even water bottle, for iced tea and to promote h2o hydration!


Whether you are a planning to breastfeed, a breastfeeding mother, or you are shopping for a new mom, this list is guaranteed to have the essentials for breastfeeding.  I’d love to hear your thoughts on this list and know what your favorite products were as well!

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