The Essential List of New Mom Must Haves

New Mom Must Haves

New Mom Must Haves

Congratulations on becoming a new mom!  Bringing your new bundle of joy into this world is so exciting (and exhausting).  During this new time of transition, it is important to remember to take care of yourself too.  We understand that sleep is of short stature right now so we have created a list of other New Mom Must Haves to make new mom life a little easier and much more comfortable!

New Mom Comfort

Being comfortable as a new mom is extra important.  You are taking time to heal and to learn your new baby.  If you are in clothes that are pinching or not functional, it can be distressing.  If you are breastfeeding too, you want to make sure that you have clothing to accommodate those needs!  It is all fine and dandy to live without a shirt on until you have (unexpected) guests arrive. This is the time to embrace the loungewear look and find comfort and relaxation.  You have the best excuse in the book for this right now!

What you will want to have:

  • Nursing Tanks
  • Yoga Pants or Drawstring Pajama Pants
  • The Mommy Wrap or a good cover up
    Note: The Mommy Wrap is great if you have guests coming over to the house
New Mom Must Haves

New Mom Breastfeeding Gear

Breastfeeding is a journey within itself and it can be frustrating in the beginning as you are adjusting into new motherhood.  Remember, it does not come naturally for everyone. The Mommy Wrap is here to make mom life easier, so we have a lot of knowledge aimed at breastfeeding.  You will want to make sure that you have the correct clothing for breastfeeding.

What you will want to have:

  • Nursing Tanks
  • Loose Necked Shirts
  • Nursing Bra
  • Breast Pads
  • A Positioning Pillow (like a Boppy)
  • Nipple Butter or Cream
  • Nursing Cover
    Note: The Mommy Wrap’s Newborn Bundle has a great 7-in-1 Carseat Cover that is a great nursing cover too!

New Mom Baby Carriers

A lot of new moms haven’t discovered the joy of babywearing this early in their journey.  They are not just for walks! Babywearing promotes closeness and bonding with your baby and also frees up your hands to help you get a little more done or so you can drink and eat without holding the baby in an awkward position.  There are both carriers and wraps you can use, and which is going to be best for you is dependent upon you and your baby! You can also use the Mommy Wrap while babywearing!  It is designed to wrap around you and the baby, so if it is a little chilly or you would like a little extra support, the Mommy Wrap is perfect.  If babywearing isn’t for you, the Mommy Wrap also is a great alternative.  It is not designed to be hands-free like the carriers but you are able to spare up a hand and have more freedom and mobility.

New Mom Care

When you transition into the role of new mom, it is easy to put yourself on the backburner.  In order for you to be able to play this role fully, you need to take care of yourself! This is the time to call in your support to help you with tasks such as cleaning, cooking, showering, and sleeping.  Even if you can borrow someone for 30 minutes, that can give you just enough rest to pull yourself together.

  • Bathe or shower – you do not have to wash your hair every day but be sure to keep your hygiene up.  It will help you feel better and also help your mental and physical health.
  • Dry Shampoo – it can be hard to squeeze in a shower, let alone the time to actually wash your hair.  Treat yourself to dry shampoo, so you have clean and refreshed hair. Even if you are simply throwing your hair up in a messy bun after, a little goes a long way to make you feel good.
  • Eat three meals a day – and snack in between.  It is so easy to forget to eat (because you don’t notice the hunger, you are stuck under a baby, or it is too difficult to get off of the couch).  You need to eat. Have easy access food that does not take a long time to prepare, have snacks stashed by all of your sitting areas, and even see if you can have people bring you in meals or have freezer meals prepped so dinner is a breeze.
    Note: If you are breastfeeding, you need at least an extra 500 calories a day.
  • Hydrate – you need to drink, drink, drink.  Not energy drinks but drinks that are going to nurture your body.  If you are breastfeeding, you need to be hydrating even more than the normal person is. Have a big water bottle that goes everywhere with you to ensure that you are drinking!  You can even stash water bottles with your snacks in your sitting areas, so you never run out of water!
  • Ask for help – it is okay to ask your support system for help.  Having your house picked up, your laundry (almost) done, and your meals taken care of really helps you to allow yourself to rest and bond with the baby.  Having time to heal and bond also can help with your emotional being after you have a baby. You have just gone through a life-changing experience and your hormones are going rampant.  Give yourself grace and allow yourself to relax.
New Mom Essentials

New Mom Life
Becoming a new mom is a huge transition but you will make it through!  We hope that our list of New Mom Must Haves will bring ease to your life and give you a little extra support on this beautiful journey.

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