The Journey

Mommy Wrap Journey

My husband and I thought we were done having babies, but found out that there was apparently another plan for us. We are excited for this journey using The Mommy Wrap right alongside the entire time… since the beginning.

Very unexpected, but we are happy!  We are currently pregnant with our third child.  So, how is it that I am currently raising a three-year-old, 18-month old, pregnant, working full time and starting a company of my own?  

I’m crazy.  Just crazy.  

I’ve never been much of a blog-follower and definitely don’t know the first thing about blog-writing, but I am going to give it a shot. I think as my journey unfolds, you will learn more about me, my struggles, my wins, my losses, my life in both a professional and personal manner…today and the past.  I hope that somehow I can help other moms that I KNOW are out there just like me!  Not sure if The Mommy Wrap is right for you? Learn how it can make your life easier. We are all in this together.  It takes a village, right? 

Thanks, Moms, for all your support!

Beginning of Mommy Wrap
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