The New Mom’s Guide to Self Care


Self care can feel overwhelming, especially when you are a new mom.  You constantly are caring for your baby and then you also have to fit in being a wife (and all of the other roles that you play).  Self care for many moms seems like a far fetched idea but it is possible to fit in! It is time that you put yourself first instead of on the backburner.  In order for you to be the best mom, you need to take care of yourself. Here are some great ways you can treat yourself to self care while you have a baby with you!

Drink out of your favorite mug

Starting your morning with a hot cup of coffee or tea is wonderful.  Your little may be sleeping or they may be awake, either way, it is okay.  Pour yourself your favorite hot drink and use your favorite mug. It is the perfect way to take things slow.  You are also indulging in yourself because you are surrounding yourself with things that you love! 

Soak your feet

As a new mom, you are going to be on your feet a lot!  It is important to treat those pretty little feet of yours.  What is even better, is that you can do this with your baby around.  Fill a bucket or even the tub with warm water, Epsom salts, oils, etc., and dip your feet in. You can nurse your baby, hold your baby, or even have them dip their feet in too (if they ate old enough).  Taking this little treat will help relieve stress as well as give you a couple of minutes of self-pampering. Your feet will thank you!

Ignore the housework and read

The housework may already be piling up!  It could easily be a big stressor for you.  The important thing about this self care right here is that you are getting a change of pace and making your brain work in a different way.  You are sitting down, holding your sleeping baby, nursing your baby, or they could even be enjoying some independent time, and you are reading.  Letting your mind go off to a place where you are not having to keep house, be mom, be wife, etc. Even if it is for 10 minutes, having that little escape can do wonders for your wellbeing,

Ask for help

One of my favorite ways of self care is having someone come and do my laundry or clean the house.  I have hired this before but I have also asked for help on this! So many people offer their help when you have a new baby and taking them up on that offer can be a wonderful thing.  It lets you get caught up on areas you are struggling with or it lets you get a little extra rest without falling way behind.

Get some sun

This is definitely weather dependent but when it is nice outside, get out there!  Soak up with sun with your baby. Take a walk around the block. Plant some flowers and let your baby lay on a blanket next to you.  There are so many things to do outside and it is beneficial for your mental health. Another bonus of going outside is that you tend to be more active.

Take a nap

As adults, we commonly joke about how our kids will miss getting to nap.  A great way of self care is to nap yourself! When your baby goes down, let yourself lie down and catch a little shut-eye.  Let go of all of the to-do’s at least once a week and treat yourself to a nap. Being well-rested also helps to prevent the onset of Perinatal Mood Disorders.


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We would love to know what your favorite self care method is!  Let us know in the comments below.

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