Top 10 Things I learned about starting a business

Mommy Wrap business

Well, its been one year since my business partner, my mother, and I started the idea of the Mommy Wrap (TM) and began this adventure with one another.  In the past 12 months, we have accomplished and learned a lot, including establishing our LLC, finding a U.S. manufacturer and trademarking our brand.  

I am eager to continue to learn more and to promote our brand in 2017.

Here are the
Top 10 Things I have learned about starting a business
…. so far any way!

1. Ideas flow best with a glass, or two or three, of wine.
2. Recap each meeting and create action items. 
3. Write down everything you mention, learn, discuss, etc…..especially if you have been drinking wine.
4. When you aren’t feeling confident, turn to your best friends and sister for support and encouragement.
5. Create a prototype. Test the prototype. Repeat.
6. When things get too complicated, wipe the board clean and remember the KISS method.
7. Create a strategy map and project list with due dates.
8. Dedicate a specific amount of time to work on your business each week or day. Stick to it.
9. Work together collaboratively with other MOMpreneurs and entrepreneurs. 
10. Don’t ever forget the reason you pursued your dream in the first place.

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